Elementor #204 DEParator Technology

DEParator Technology

  • The DEParator is a cell separation system that utilises the innate but differing properties of cells in suspension based on Dielectrophoresis (DEP)..
  • The DEParator draws the cell mixture through a patented DEPwell structure with over 600 active pores,
  • Each pore has a multi-layer structure that sets up a periodically repeating non-linear electric field across the flow path at a user defined frequency.  As the cell mixture flows through the wells, some cells experience positive DEP and move into the fields to become trapped at the wall. Others experience negative DEP and are repelled into the centre of the well and remaining in the flow, hence are expelled.
  • The system can either trap wanted or unwanted cells, concentrating the desired cell type. Repeated flows at differing frequencies thus sequentially remove the unwanted cells, leaving only the desired ones, in a benign fashion WITHOUT any form of labelling unlike other cell separation systems such as magnetic beads or FACS
  • Watch the video below for more information
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