DEParator and DEPtech are both spin out companies from the University of Surrey

Our mission is to present and promote the use of Dielectrophoresis  to the cell biology and medical sectors.

DEPtech focuses on cell analysis, whilst DEParator is developing a label free cell separation technology for the isolation of specific blood cell types and stem cell types

We are particularly excited about the capabilities of the technique using our patented 3D structure for cancer detection in epidermal samples such as oral and bladder cancer, with high specificity and sensitivity. The tests promise to be fast, low cost and robust. 

We can also do contract research

Our cell analysis and separation technologies

The DEPtech 3DEP Reader
A dielectrophoretic cell analysis system for studying many cell types, from stem cells to cancer detection.
The 3DEP system
Uses a patented chip design that is simple to use and allows the analysis of thousands of cells simultaneously
Low cost disposable chips suitable for a large range of cell types ranging from large myocytes to bacteria
Applications include cancer screening, monitoring apoptosis, stem-cell differentiation, drug discovery, in vitro toxicology and many more
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The DEParator Cell Separation System
A Dielectrophoretic Label-free cell separation unit
High Throughput
Over 600 wells each with multiple electrodes to extract cells of interest in the flow
High Yield
The cell culture flow rate is kept low to ensure the minimum damage to cells
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